Gil Esquergilheadshot

I am a lifelong resident of Turlock. My mother rasied six children, of which I am the eldest, all whom still live in the Turlock area.

I started kindergarten at Hawthorne Elementary and graduated from Turlock High School. Enrolled and graduated from Modesto Jr College with an AA.

I met and married my lovely wife, Rosa, and we raised our daughter, Michelle, in Turlock.

I worked at Tri Valley Growers and retired after 33 years in 2003 and I have been working with my wife in her Income Tax and Payroll Service office ever since.

I am campaigning for city council because the West Side has been neglected. District 2 has been underrepresented for years.  This historic election by District will finally give District 2 a voice at the table. I intend to be that voice.

The streets of Turlock are over $90 million behind in street repairs and maintenance. Many of the streets on the West Side are in such disarray they can not be repaired. They need to be replaced. We need to improve our sidewalks and we need better street lighting.

We must repair and maintain our streets and sidewalks for the safety of our residents and especially our children.  I also plan to work with city leaders to educate our community in the importance of neighborhood watch programs in the city in order to implement an effective crime reduction process.

We have achieved a downtown revitalization that is excellent, I want that revitalization to spread into the rest of the West Side. We need to attract new business into District 2 not just to beautify but also to bring more jobs into our area.

I am new to the political arena; however I do have experience working with various groups to get issues resolved. I am open minded and will not be manipulated.  I plan to represent my community to the best of my ability. I have no aspirations of pursuing a political career outside of Turlock. This is my home and I plan to remain a strong presence in District 2.

I will represent my community by remaining an independent voice for District 2.